Safety power extension socket PMS-VN1-04KS (5M)

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    Made by: UCOMEN Singapore
    Product group: Safety power extension socket
    Code: PMS-VN2-04KS(5MM)
    - Light PVC, fire-proof
    - Child protection
    - Monolithic copper core
    - Schuko standard

    Technical specification:
    1. Safety socket:

    - Produced following Germany safety electric socket standard (GS/EN)
    - Triangle screw designed to avoid any breaking
    - 4000V power circuit test within 1 second
    - Composite PVC material, fire proof and anti-explosion
    - Monolithic copper core
    - At 750 degree celsius: No short-circuit.
    - Rounded angles to avoid any dangerous drop or collision

    2. Multi function:

    - Anti-over load switch
    - 5 meters cords

    3. Reliable:

    - Commit: switch will not be out of order within 10.000 times on/off
    - Commit: socket holes will not be lossen within 10.000 times of plug and unplug
    - Testing dropping up to 100 times at the high of 60cm without deformation.
    - Commit: No electric leakage at USB port(s)
    - The power extension socket will power off automatically whenever overload.
    - Commitment: There will be no fire at above 850 degree celsius.

    4. Long duration:

    - Designed for use from 5 to 7 years.
    - Tested with changing temperature suddenly without deformation

    5. After sales:
    - Change new one within 18 months

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