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    Fingerprint + Bluetooth lock KL15Key large size waterproof stainless steel.
    Of all the fingerprint lock lines, the Fingerprint + Bluetooth lock KL15Key is the largest, most solid, hand-held padlock model. You can use it to lock the house, lock the gate, lock the cabinet. The lock combines 2 ways of unlocking by opening with fingerprint and key, convenient for use.
    The KL15Key padlock model has a stainless steel padlock to ensure a durable lock
    The biggest advantage to mention is that you can register fingerprints for many family members, no need to share each person holding a key, it is easy to lose, forget, lose.
    KL15Key uses a new 2019 fingerprint sensor, the recognition time is only 0.3 seconds, the accuracy is almost absolute.
    The fingerprint sensor uses the technology that equips the latest high-end phone models such as the current Iphone, Samsung.

    Good waterproof IP65:
    Many customers wonder if the fingerprint lock can work if their hands are wet, or if it's okay to buy the lock. Hope you guys can rest assured because the KL15Key fingerprint lock is IP65 waterproof, it's not afraid of breaking the lock in the rain, the fingerprint is still very well received. Save 15 different fingerprints, of which the first 2 registered fingerprints are administrative fingerprints.
    When registering a new fingerprint from a 3rd fingerprint, you need the admin fingerprint to authenticate before registering.

    Up to 1 year of use per charge:
    KL15Key fingerprint lock has a very long time of use, even if the family is traveling, or vacationing for a few months, they do not have to worry about running out of battery.

    The padlock uses the popular micro USB charger on phones, making it easy to charge anytime, anywhere, if you run out of battery while you are outside, you can also use a backup charger to charge the lock and then enter. home. When the battery is about to run out, the LED on the lock will be red to warn, remind the user to charge to continue using.
    When fully charged, the indicator light will turn off.indicating that the charging process is finished.
    According to information from the manufacturer, the battery of the device can be used to unlock up to 1000 times, No need to bother with the key.

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